“Always Returning” – A Journey from Head to Heart

Life has taken me to many places. Events is life has conspired to lead me down certain paths. Along these paths, I have met many others just like me; seekers for the true meaning to life. It is much through my life events that I understood that my Catholic faith is to be found outside the pages of books, beyond the realm of logic. Each event in my life was like a milestone on a journey unravelling an experience of a totally different dimension. I was walking into a dominion where God Almighty desired for me to have this personal experience of Him. Faith is experiential and is lived out of the heart.

It has taken me awhile to realise that my life exists for this journey from the head to the heart.


The path to Emmaus

“Always Returning” is a tagline adopted for this spiritual journey. Life can be a lonely and desolate path if we choose not to open our hearts to the Spirit. We stumble always in life and are in this constant need to return to the love of God.

My involvement first in RCIA and then in Landings, in the midst of the challenges of my secular life has led to a mind relenting to allow the heart to rule in matters of faith, creating the spiritual landmarks on my ongoing journey “Always Returning” – a journey from head to heart.

Tony See

 *served my ministries in Singapore, now work and live in Bangkok, Thailand

(Picture above is the view from atop Mt Tabor, site of the Church of the Transfiguration, significant on my journey of personal transformation)



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