As a cradle Catholic, I grew up struggling to understand the “mystery” of The Holy Trinity. In and out of catechism classes, I hear that it is “impossible” to grasp a full ‘logical’ explanation. I never ever managed to get an intellectual grasp on it, and I suspect I never will.

But I grew in wisdom of The Holy Trinity as I grew in my service in RCIA and now in Landings. When I first returned to an active faith life, maybe 16 years ago, I joined the RCIA believing that our faith is passed on only through intellectual knowledge. I had no concept of a ‘personal experience of God’. I did not then have the wisdom that faith is experiential and that we could transmit it through one another through the power of the Holy Spirit by what we do for each other.

When I first reappeared in a ministry, I only received. I was welcomed, attended to, encouraged and supported. Through these little actions of others, I began to experienced “feeling loved”. Inside me, a light stirring made me feel like “I want to belong”.

Soon, as I received, I learned to give. As I gave to others, I began to grow and felt even more of everything. This was the initial, faint call to become a gift to others. This was my first conscious experience of the fulfilment of being a “giver”.

As I entered into this cycle of receiving and giving, I gained wisdom of The Holy Trinity. The more we selflessly give to one another, the closer we are to be the perfect union that The Holy Trinity desires us to be. The more we give to another, the more equal we become to each other. The more equal, the more alike.

The Holy Trinity is this endless flow of love given and received. And the more we commit ourselves into this cycle of selfless love, the more perfect our union with God and one another will be. We will experience communion.

Sure, The Holy Trinity is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the 3 Persons in one God. Evaluating the ‘logic’ to break the ‘mystery’ of The Holy Trinity only has fruitful value if it leads us to live our life as an instrument for God’s love to flow through us to bring others into a community to experience a common union with God and one another.

Challenging his disciples’ curiosity Jesus said, “I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now. But when he comes, The Spirit of truth, he will guide you to all the truth”. (Today’s Gospel John 16:12-15. The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity)