I was privileged to travel in British Columbia. Outside the window of the Greyhound, snow-capped mountains imposed their majesty upon me. The bus rolled across endless miles of country, the windows framing the incredible panoramic beauty of each passing mile. As I rode in admiration, contemplation led me into my deeper self, triggering an awe for Creation. In wonderment, I began singing to my silent self, “How Great Thou Art”.

“Oh Lord, my God, When I am in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds thy hands have made”

No mountain so high, no sea so deep, no land so vast can hold or contain the mystery of the Creator. Not even the entire universe. He is almighty, all powerful and nothing in this world is able or worthy to go near his divine presence.

Yet on Christmas Day, this almighty Creator gives himself as a gift to all of us. His larger-than-the-universe Presence is shrunk to be present in our untidy, unworthy, uncharted personal timelines. He is born as Emmanuel, meaning God-is-with-us (today’s readings) to dwell in us as we travel along our timeline in life.

Do we deserve this presence of God in our personal life, in the heart of all that is happening to us? A question the Almighty never considered. Because He knows and cares. He came to be a compass to lead us through our life; to offer guidance, comfort, assurance, compassion, affirmation, hope, peace, joy, love and belief. Offered even if we didn’t know or care.

This present of His Presence is available to everyone, every day. We only need to be aware and respond as in the psalm “Seek the face of God. Let the Lord enter”. Often the face of God appears in small, insignificant details in the routine of daily life, easily missed if we are not looking for him. This great, almighty God has crystallised his presence into each passing moment of our time; not day, hour or minute but into each moment.

We are graced to capture these God-moments. Our awareness sharpened when we adopt the humility of Mary and Joseph, the possibility of such moments enhanced when we acknowledge with humble gratitude that all things come from the mystery of God.

When we are blessed with a God-moment, it is beyond an intellectual understanding. All the time, it is an experience typified by an emotional stirring deep within us. In between the layers of emotions, something connects. It is in that moment of connection when we suddenly lose all doubts and become crystal clear. Deeper and further away from any logic we somehow are graced with conviction that it is Him present in us.

God-moments are simple moments leading to an encounter with God. And if we “ask the Lord your God for a sign”, it may come as simple as a smile from a stranger. We only need to be aware, and to accept that this Almighty God cares for every little moment of our life. Don’t stop believing.

This Christmas, this gift is wrapped under our tree of life. As we travel through time, we need to look up from the windows of our laptops and tablets, and look out through the windows of the world to see a God dwelling amongst us. It takes only a moment to capture this Magnificence.


We need to ride on vehicles of belief. God-moments are such: they lead us into the Presence of God. (Photo: A greyhound in Whistler, British Columbia)

Today in the spirit of Christmas, I share this link wonderfully expressing what God moments are through the eyes of one, rich and richer, with such experiences. Thanks, Joyce.

Why We Ought to Look for God Moments of the Day, Everyday.

4th Sunday of Advent