We are used to chasing for glory. When our favourite football team win the league, we are covered with glory. It is the best feeling in the world. We chase glory on every field and court, in the classroom, at the work place and in social life. We out-do and beat every team and every one along the way to be the best and win. Glory is the top of the world feeling.

But “Glory to God” is much bigger than this world. It extends beyond the vastness of the universe. Yet to win this glory is a million times easier than to win the football league, and every one can win and share this glory of God. Because glorifying God comes in little every day acts.

There is goodness in everyday life. In our hurry to attain the world’s bigger prizes and earthly glory, we can be blind to the little acts happening constantly around us to ourselves, to the people we know or the strangers we see. These little acts of kindness are little simply because it does not cost much to give or receive. 

We are part of the intricate beauty of everyday life. Our acts, and those done for us, are used to sew together a colourful pattern linking every person. This becomes intricate because it is in the little details of everyday life. 

God places us in the path of people needing a lift in life, as He places people on our paths too. We may not know the scale of their issues but when we stop our life for that moment and offer a small act of kindness, we help them over a particular obstacle to get on with their day. We have the power to lift the spirit of the other person. A simple act of kindness, say to appreciate the delivery man by offering him a snack goes a long way to lift him. In that snack both the receiver and the giver taste the glory of God. Both win, both share the glory. 

For kindness is the face of love. Love is the crown of God’s glory. When we perform acts of love, we make God visible, we glorify God. “Glory to God” is the physical manifestation of God’s Love, his presence in our daily life. When we carry out these acts of love, we experience the understanding of what Jesus meant “to know you, the only true God” and “all I have in yours and all you have is mine, and in them I am glorified”. 

This glory is not difficult to win. We must open our eyes to the little happenings of everyday life and begin to attribute them in thanksgiving and gratitude to the presence of God. We need to look at each moment and see God’s comforting love in them. He is there as needle and we follow as thread weaving together a picture perfect day. 

Each of our very little act of kindness, gratitude and love are indeed glorifications of God. Glory to God in the Highest. And the opportunities come constantly at every weave in everyday life, these little glorifications.


In the Dome of the Ascension on Mount Olives, around what is traditionally regarded as the last impression of Jesus’ right foot on earth as he ascended into heaven


7th Sunday of Easter