We mark ourselves with the sign of the cross, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. The perfect union of the 3 Persons in the one God we worship, and, or the mystery of the Holy Trinity, the “I in you and you in me” union. For the longest time in me, the Holy Trinity had remained a ‘mystery’, and no more than an accepted doctrine.

The world is very much an imperfect place. We think this example of a perfect union cannot exist simply because it is too perfect and we are too imperfect. Building a community where one person unconditionally love the other may exist only in theology. But the sign of the cross we make every day compels us to reflect on this perfect existence and long for it in our daily life.

We search for love to be unconditionally given to us, we look for peace in the endless differences we have with one another and we try to find the energy to do our best for each other each day. But where do we find this perfect existence?

To God every person is equal. We are all equal in His eyes despite our different abilities. To the world, every person has not been equal since the day of birth. This world grades us on our capabilities and our achievements. There lies this tension, this impossibility of co-existing in perfect communion.

This world build us into the triangle shape of a pyramid. People with more abilities and influences sit at the apex. Often the seat comes with authority and power. Leadership is a hierarchy from top to bottom. This is a common structure in daily life, in work places and also in church communities. A perfect community will never exist in this triangle.

True life chooses a circle as its shape. A perfect community places God in the centre. Each person is blessed with abilities. In this life we are all called to share. By this world’s standards our worth is measured by our capabilities, but in God’s eyes we are measured by how we use our abilities for the good of the other person so as to make the world a better place.

We are all parts of the one body of Christ but each with a different function. The shape of a circle is perfectly maintained when everyone contributes their best effort while recognising and respecting the different charisms of the other person. Equality does not mean equal in authority or in opinion, but our best effort with the purest intention to do what we do best makes us equal. Everything radiates from God in the centre and we are held in a perfect circle by the equal tension of our best effort. After we have given our best, the Holy Spirit will perfect the circle.

Perfect communion is in the flow of a circle. The world’s triangles must fit into this bigger circle, into the sphere of God’s creative wisdom. He is the Holy Trinity and He want to make us all part of His perfect communion.



The shape of the circle. We are made equal by offering our God-given abilities for the intention of doing good for God’s glory and by giving our maximum best. The Holy Spirit will do the rest.


The Holy Trinity