We are quite obviously already in this world. We belong in it. A world that is constantly changing, and at a speed I can hardly keep up with. When I see how the world has abandoned some of its values, I wish that it would just leave me behind. I am old-fashioned and conservative. Yet today I hear, “I have sent them into the world”.

One word activated my thoughts: ‘into’. I am already ‘in’ this world but now I am called to go ‘into’ the world. The constant changes and demands have battered and disillusioned me. I had been ‘in’ the world a long time. Often I have wondered why?

Many of us are in the faith. When we remain only ‘in’ the faith, we only oblige the rituals but do not fully embrace the spirit. So we are sent ‘into’ our faith to allow us to be sent ‘into’ the world. For what purpose? To be sent ‘into’ the lives of people we know to make visible God’s love for everyone of us.

God’s love is not old-fashioned or conservative. It is a constant ever since he created the world. Love is sourced from God. It is not something we need to find. It is given freely to all of us. “God will live in us” (today’s second reading).

“We can know that we are living in him and he is living in us because he lets us share his Spirit”.

So we need to get ‘into’ our faith to find the Spirit. We seldom instantly connect because we have our eyes fixed on worldly values. We need to go ‘into’ our true self past the debris of distractions, false promises, elusive happiness, empty joys and disquiet that the world has managed to heap upon us.

We are sent to go into the world. Sharing this same Spirit we are sent ‘into’ the lives of people we encounter in this world. And the one and only way to go ‘into’ another person’s life in through love. There is no other door to get ‘into’.

“No one has ever seen God; but as long as we love one another God will live in us and his love will be complete in us”.

Our lot has already been drawn for us. We have been chosen, set apart and made holy: “consecrated in truth”. Love is already in us. We only draw from it to go into the world.

We go ‘into’ to try to make visible the real hand that shape and guide us. This is the hand of God. Make visible that hand through what we do with our life. When we go ‘into’ Love, life becomes fulfilling and we wonder no more about why we are ‘in’ this world.


7th Sunday in Easter