Many eyes are now shutting to matters of God. Going to Church seems like an ancient rite. Our gaze is distracted by newer and more alluring lifestyles. Newer issues, more interesting topics are drawing us away from Church teachings that never seem to change. The Church seem less relevant to our daily affairs.

The world is in an over-informed age. All sorts of information is available at the click of the mouse. Information, ideas, opinions keep piling into us. We have suddenly become overgrown with knowledge. Our human mind is excited. There is a new world to explore. It is time to depart from ancient tradition.

Evangelization has become more challenging than ever before. Even the target audience has changed where once we search for non-believers, we now seek those who once believed. But our discussion, debates and arguments about Church have become less convincing, our words of persuasion are ringing hollow. Time has seemingly left us floundering in her wake. God has become old fashioned.

We cannot continue to teach and convince with knowledge alone. We are churning out the same old information, using the same old proof of God’s existence. We cannot continue to proclaim that God loves us unconditionally, and plus that He is present in our life, somewhere. We would be met with a shrug. “Read it, heard it, no thank you”. The world is speedily moving along, our methods like an elephant ambling slowly behind.

Knowledge and facts about God and his Church continues to be most important. They cannot change. The truth does not alter. The unconditional love of God is a constant.

But knowledge alone no longer convinces. Targeting the head, debating faith at an intellectual level is more often a miss for many people today. People now look for experiences to pleasure their senses. To evangelize today, our methods must change to also home in on the senses. We need to target the heart.

The heart can only be delighted when it begins to feel this love of God that knowledge proclaims. Knowledge of love must become acts of love. Preaching the presence of God must become making real this presence. We, the bearers of knowledge must become the porters of love. We must step out into the world to represent his presence, to make love tangible. Only then can God be relevant in our daily affairs. If not, evangelization fails.

Unless we start embarking on our journey from head to heart, our journey into blindness of the heart will continue. To lift the blindness besetting the world, knowledge cannot remain as knowledge, it must flow to become actions of love. We must give flesh to the bones that is knowledge.

“Son of David, Jesus, have pity on me. Let me see again”


God’s unconditional love for us is a constant since time began. But the world has kept on evolving. Our methods must change to express this same constant. It is more urgent today to express faith not only with head knowledge but heartfelt actions. Only then will people walk back into Church when God is seen to be relevant.

For yesterday, 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time