We enjoy many choices in life with full freedom to choose. Many things happen to us in ordinary life, some crafted some not, some good some bad. We have choice of vision, choice of thought. We can choose to see God in everything or to dismiss our thoughts into disbelief.

Today we recall the wedding at Cana where Jesus performed his first miracle of turning water into wine. It is so hard to believe that we jest about it. It is hard because our mind tells us so. But our minds were created to guide us only in our humanity. Belief in God is beyond mind. It comes from our being.

When we each look at our life, we can find that many things have come together in unexplained ways. For the many good things, we are fortunate and lucky. For the many bad things, our minds try to disprove the existence of God. We may not actually blame God (we can’t if we don’t believe in the first place) but our minds push the thought of God further down into our being.

Our created being will always search for its Creator, with or without the mind. We were each made like choice wine. Why not if he chooses to dwell in each of us? Our Creator made a one way covenant with each of us to love us unconditionally and promise to forgive us every time we make a poor choice. He is faithful, never abandoning us and is present in every moment of our personal life.

Our being need wisdom. Wisdom is to find, see and experience God in ordinary life. Wisdom is to know and feel that it is God who put the coincidence together. Wisdom is found in the things that happen to us in our ordinary life. Coincidences do not happen on their own. Wisdom is also to experience peace amidst troubling times. Not easy but possible simply because wisdom is lovingly real.

We start to look for wisdom by looking for the first miracle in our life. We need to go deep into our being to release ourselves from the boundaries of impossibility that our mind has drawn around our being.

To connect wisdom to the reality defined by our mind we must start looking not for the biggest miracle but for the smallest blessings in our life. Ordinary life is full of blessings simply because God is with us in everyday life. But it is our choice to want to see them as blessings. It is then, through blessings, where we experience God.

In our world today we are used to demanding instant results, yes or no. Wisdom is coupled with patience. Like choice wines, God uses time to develop our vintage. As beings we must choose to search for this wisdom in ordinary life, otherwise we the wine will just become water.


Choice wines are a blessing too!

2nd Ordinary Sunday