I am learning Thai. It is a tonal language. Some of its sounds are very unfamiliar, unnatural for me. Some I never knew I was capable of making. But I realize the ability is there in me, and in anyone of us. It does require focus, training and nurturing to bring out our raw abilities and put them together into a useful language. It is just not about a language, but all of us are capable of a lot more in life when we explore deep into ourselves for things unseen.

We are into the Easter season. It gives life, and help us to live life. The Easter message is that the Risen Christ walks with us on our earthly journey. This is a peaceful reassurance, a consolation available to draw from when our journey go into stormy times. He is unseen but he is there, for everyone even if we “refuse to believe”. But how can we see the unseen Risen Christ?

Where do we look? We must explore deep into ourselves for things unseen. Often divine guidance and protection are in the things that never happened to us. When we embrace this, we inspire our disposition of gratitude that is already present in us to surface as a refreshing attitude to life. With gratitude follows humility. We cannot be grateful for our life if there is no higher Being for us to acknowledge. Humility reduces self-importance to concede that the Divine is in control.

It is in ordinary, day-to-day life where the Risen Christ is seen. We say that God is in the details. The little innocent things that happened for us, the major events that crossed our path, the trials and tribulations and the happy fruits of our life, all are both dots and milestones that make our journey in life thus far. They all join to make a picture of a blessed life, our personal salvation history. It is in these chapters of our life story where we find the hidden, unseen Risen Christ.

The events or things that have happened in our life are all very personal. No one shares the same life path. We are all unique in this sense. The Risen Christ uses things that have happened, or are happening, to us to dialogue with us. It becomes a spiritual language, its tone varying in the love, consolation, reassurance and peace that we need to move on day to day in life.

In recent weeks we witnessed the events at Notre Dame and in Sri Lanka. Both events a consequence of human actions. One may be the result of a careless stray flame while the other was from the choice to hate. God allows us to choose but he is there and seen in the aftermath. We can see him in the love among the people, in the consolation to the victims, in the courage and determination to rebuild and in the unity where the world stood together. We shall not be moved. The unseen is seen.

And so it is in our personal life. We must first know where to find him. Then we focus, train and nurture until the unseen is seen. Storms will come for us in life. Look in its aftermath, in the healing. When we find the Risen Christ in the personal details of our life, we establish a personal relationship with him speaking a spiritual language. “Peace be with you”.

“Doubt no longer but believe.”


2nd Sunday of Easter