This digital revolution is having a huge impact on the way we live, work and communicate. It is rapidly transforming us, maybe in many unanticipated ways. Exciting it certainly is, but at what price to who we will become? Change will always happen. Man’s history is one of progress. It is never a debate of good or bad, better or worse. Change is inevitable; but how can our spiritual life keep pace with it?

We are now in an over-informed age. Facts, opinions, biased or prejudiced views are available at a click. Paradoxically being over-informed has narrowed our views and knowledge because we can easily select with that same click what we choose to believe or want to know. Our spiritual life cannot and will not stand still in this momentum. Our spiritual way of life and beliefs will be swayed.

If I may quirkily say that it presents a slant to today’s quote from the Gospel in this digitalised time. “I am sending you out like lambs among wolves”. It is like being a candle in the wind. So we must continue to change and adapt to be this light to the world.

Throughout the history of time, since the Lord appointed and sent out the seventy-two, we are to go into our world carrying the message “the Kingdom of God is very near to you”. This is the one constant that has withstood all changes throughout time. As disciples we know that this candle flame will never be extinguished even in howling winds. But we appreciate that spiritual life can be disconnected. We are sent out to heal this relationship.

“The harvest is rich but the labourers are few, so ask the Lord of the harvest to send labourers to his harvest.”

The harvest is rich, here and now. There are many people who have lost connection with the Church and God, for whatever their reasons. This is the harvest but the labourers are few. The labourers are us who continue to be this candle in the wind. But we must appreciate that more than ever before the tool to harvest must be to bring about encounters with God in personal lives. We are the ones sent to make this kingdom real in peoples’ lives.

We used to grow and progress in an age where we craved knowledge. That age has now been over-taken. Religious education is no longer enough on its own. In everything we do these days, the ‘self’ is galvanised by experiences. We look to pleasure our senses. And so it is with our spiritual life. It must keep pace with who we are becoming.

Our spiritual sense can only be excited when we have encounters with God in our daily life. We are these lambs sent into the world to make God real and tangible to people around us with the life we live through love, mercy and compassion. Only through these can the Kingdom of God be brought near. This is the one constant that will always withstand changes.


14th Sunday in Ordinary Time