My eyes are quick to condemn. Hence I need to restrain my opinions to give space to others for theirs. I remember as a young kid in math class learning about length x breadth. My little head spun when they introduced depth, the third dimension. Suddenly everything was cubic, no more linear, no longer vanilla. Along life’s learning curve, I grew to marvel at the beauty of each person’s uniqueness but appreciated that this depth in us can create divisions.

No artificial intelligience can predict our human responses. We may share the same single goal in life but no two persons will do, say or think the same in trying to reach it. We are immensely unique in our personality. Add to that immeasurable variable, culture, religion, education, wealth or lack of, time, upbringing, environment, and many other influences, so we will never ever be united into any common response. We must learn to accept and embrace this division to live in harmony.

Difference in beliefs have split families. Though united in belief faith communities have also split as a consequence of human response. Deep in everyone of us we are united in the one common goal of life: to journey and return to our Creator. For some this is a purposeful walk and for others an accidental wander. Along the way we are constantly divided because of ourselves.

Governments, structures and organisations exist to rein us in. Rules, regulations and laws are in place for our common good. Authority is placed over us like a common roof. Otherwise we will hurt one another through our divisions. Laws at least try to limit hurts.

The Church is such an organisation too. But its laws does not concern your property or wealth. It is concern only with that journey deep inside each of us: returning to our Creator. Breaking its laws has no immediate retribution. Only humans are quick to condemn. For the Church, breaking its laws is met with its higher law of love through mercy and forgiveness, always. Simply because God’s nature is that unconditional love and that is a fixed constant factor in life’s innumerable equations.

God is wise to the variables in each of us. Our progressive world as it is today has a multiplier effect on those variables in each person. We have pushed out on the extremes with our up to date opinions and life styles. We have developed our own personal portfolio of achievements so much so we need our personal rights to protect them. We keep going and going and have started to question the authority in our life.

One constant will never ever change which is that purpose now buried deep under the rubble of life: that journey home to our Creator. Only at that door will our Creator judge us.

We will seek new methods of evangelisation to address this divisive world. Our formula cannot deviate from the basic start point from which we must not judge and condemn others. God will be experienced if there is harmony in divisions.


20th Sunday in Ordinary Time