Every Christmas, after Christmas, we hear this story of the 3 wise men from the East following the star to Bethlehem to worship the Infant Christ.  This isn’t a tale because it is real. We learned this in our catechism class. The meaning behind this is that Christ came for all people in the world so that everyone shares the same inheritance. We are taught to believe and so we do.

Many people believe in Jesus Christ. Historians can tell us about the birth, life and death of Christ. Our calendar mark this significance; B.C. and A.D. Since the 3 wise men, many people all over the world have come to know and believe. Many who believe choose to remain unbaptised. And many who are baptised choose to remain only in believe.

We do not need to be baptised to believe.  Baptism is an intentional act. When we choose baptism we intentionally embrace the teachings of Christ and choose Christianity as a life style of choice. It means that we want not merely to believe but to intentionally follow Christ. We totally surrender our life and put complete trust in him. In whatever we do, in whichever circumstance we find ourselves in, we follow him with total faith and hope like a guiding star on this journey through life.

The 3 wise men set off intentionally on a long journey so that they can follow Christ. They too started with believe. Without intention we cannot follow. Without following there is no life in our believing. Every day life is filled with opportunities. A baptised person should wake up each day with the intention to be a Christian, to use all the opportunities to manifest the presence of Christ and bring him to others.

Like the wise men, we too have our own frankincense, gold and myrrh. We are all gifted and talented, each uniquely in our own way. But the greatest gift we have is life itself; this time on earth. When we follow,  we intentionally give our time, our life, using our unique gifts in the service of others. We believe Christ taught us to love God through loving others. To put this into practice, to be intentional of this in all we do, is to follow beyond just believing.

This path through life is not easy. Life is full of choices for us to believe in so many things. There are so many attractive paths that we have wandered down which eventually turned out to be dead ends. We are in a maze and the Infant Christ have come to lead us through. Follow or believe?

There are many Herods in our life, even more in this progressive time of affluence and technology. These Herods are lurking in our dark recesses to kill the Infant Christ in us. But Herod will never win. Herod is only a cloud of darkness. Behind this cloud is our Guiding Star faithfully watching and protecting us. This, we must believe and follow.


The Epiphany of our Lord.